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A creative sweet azuki paste brand and cultural hub based in London. 
*ADC 102nd Annual Awards: Shortlisted in the Branding/Communication Design


AN&CO is a project that we have been working on together with our friend Satsuki Toyama. AN&CO is a creative sweet azuki paste brand based in London. 

Sweet Azuki Paste, known as Anko, is commonly used as fillings for Japanese pastries and traditional desserts. It has been enjoyed by Japanese people for centuries.AN&CO makes fresh and quality anko in London using azuki beans from Hokkaido. 


Branding: 3AND 
Design: 3AND 
Production: 3AND, Satsuki Toyama 

Instagram: @an.and.co_uk 


For the branding of AN&CO, the aim is to strike a balance between the pop and edginess of London's creative culture and the simplicity and elegance of Japanese aesthetics. Because Japanese traditional typography is mainly vertical, the challenge is to merge vertical Japanese typography and horizontal English typography. Its products and sweets are beautifully art directed and photographed. The identity is referenced from Japanese crest Kamon design and British crest and animal branding. Unlike traditional Japanese sweets brands, the website showcases a dynamic 3D animation of playful pink azuki beans in motion. The result is a visually striking and contemporary brand that sets itself apart from traditional Japanese confectionery branding in both Japan and Europe.

​Fresh Azuki beans

AN&CO makes fresh anko in London using only 3 ingredients : Azuki beans, sugar and water. They use azuki beans from Hokkaido Japan, as they believe it makes the best taste and texture. 
The process of making anko is simple, but it takes a lot of work and patience to make great tasting paste. 

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