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Leaves Powder And...

In July 2023, AN&CO collaborated with Leaves powder and... for special chakai (tea gathering) in Milan and Bergamo, Italy.

AN&CO x Leaves Powder And... @ Milan and Bergamo

Leaves, powder and… was founded by Marta Grespan, who is a tea enthusiast and practitioner of senchadō, sadō, and chayi. Based in Kyoto, Leaves, powder and… creates meaningful connections among people and across cultures and disciplines. Marta believes tea is about people and sharing it is one the greatest pleasures in life.


Inspired by Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Apollo e Dafne (1622-1625), this unique tea experiences was inspired by a question: what can be the relationship between humans and nature?

AN&CO explored this theme and expressed them into flavours and sweets to pair with the teas that Leaves powder and… had carefully selected. The sweets were served with the teas in the chakai series in Milan and Bergamo.





Produce: Leaves Powder And...

Tea experience: Leaves Powder And...

Sweets: AN&CO


Photos & SNS Design: 3AND


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