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Heidee Winery


Branding for the new wine 'Clara 2020' from Heidee Winery

Heidee Winery:
​Clara 2020

We were commissioned to do the branding for the new wine by Heidee Winery.
Heidee Winery is located in Noto Peninsula, surrounded by the sea and mountains. 
The wine is made with 100% Chardonnay using a new process in the winery. After tasting this very clean and crisp wine, we wanted to create a label that reminded us of the sea and clouds. CLARA comes from the Latin word "CLARUS" and it means "bright, brilliant, prominent, and fine. We think it’s a perfect name for this wine. 

The theme given to us was capturing the age, which is an essential part of wine making process. We experimented with making moulds using Heidee Winery’s white grapes and photography to express the feeling of ‘concentrated time’. From the abstract images of moulds, you can imagine the shape of Noto Peninsula, Swiss clouds, wine stains and etc. We enjoyed the various experiments with mould making using white grapes, red grapes, winery soil, and wine leaves. 


Label Design: 3AND
Branding: 3AND
Client: Heidee Winery

Heidee Winery:

​Elegance and digital

ラベルとしては珍しくScoreとAROMA NOTEがデザインに組み込まれています。これは元々タグとして付ける予定でしたが、試行錯誤の末、ラベルと融合することにしました。ラベルと融合することで、カビの抽象的な絵に現代風なデータ感を出し、エレガンスとデジタルを融合した今までにないワインラベルを作りました。また購入時に見やすい機能美と数値をさらけ出すワイナリーの自信も同時に表現しています。

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