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Installation / Interactive


Ricoh 3L


A collaboration work with Ricoh 3L and Daisuke Nakazawa. We created an immersive installation about meeting Kiyoshi Ichimura, the founder of Ricoh, at the lobby of 3L.

Ricoh 3L:
Kiyoshi Project

3L is an amazing lab with advanced technology where they research and experiment about the the joy and new ways of working.

The experience of the installation will personalise based on your answers to the questionnaire in the beginning and then he will speak to you while you dive in to the spiritual world of Kiyoshi Ichimura with help of sensing technology.


Plan / Executive Producer: Haruki Murata(Ricoh
Script / Direction: Daisuke Nakazawa (Artist)
Technology: Alexander Reeder (art and program)
UX Design: Ryotaro Fujiwara (Ricoh)
UI Design: Ryuichi Sirane (Ricoh)
Moving Image: Yusuke Murakami (3AND)
Sound Director: Ryo Harada (Lader Production)
Sound Artist: Haruka Kikuchi (Lader Production)
Recording: Yuji Ono
Voice of Kiyoshi Ichimura: Naoshi Mimura

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