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Installation / Interactive


Ricoh 3L

"ANIMA", a new immersive experience for "RICOH PRISM", a future space that proposes “meeting in a new era" provided by RICOH 3L.

Ricoh Prism:

"ANIMA" is a 20-minute immersive digital art piece that will take you on a journey to discover your digital self.

Inspired by the innovative technology of RICOH photocopy devices, ANIMA scans and converts your soul into data. This data is then re-examined from both subjective and objective perspectives, deconstructed, and reconstructed to create a new version of your soul.

With stunning 360° projection, stereophonic sound, and state-of-the-art 3D sensing technology, ANIMA creates an immersive experience that stimulates your senses and questions reality. Explore what it means to be human in the digital world and the role of your consciousness and perception in this realm. Will our souls be able to exist in the digital future, such as in the Metaverse? ANIMA is here to inspire, challenge and refresh your mind and soul.


Director / Animator / Visual: YUSUKE MURAKAMI (3AND)
Music Composer: HAL CA

Project Producer: HARUKI MURATA
Lead Programmer / Animator: YUUYA KATOH
Approach Lighting Programmer: MOE AMINO / ALEXANDER REEDER

Archive Film:
Director  Of Photography: YASUHARU SASAKI
Still Photographer: YASUHARU SASAKI


Project url:

Digital soul in a blurry world

During the experience, user’s anima (soul) are deconstructed in order to be reconstructed. The anima is merged into the space of colour where it’s not defined as individual but as a space. Our anima will exist in higher dimension without clear boundary like a blurry world where it is not defined as 0 and 1. 
In the next few decades where metaverse becomes standard, how will our anima = soul = ourself exist in a structure built in uncertainty principle? Can our anima be converted into digital data?

5 Stages to reset your soul

Stage 01 – Dive:
Diving into your deep inner soul. This is a preparation for meeting your anima.


​Stage 02 – Scan:
Scaning your outer and inner anima and record it for observation.

Stage 03 – Anima: 
You will observe your and other's animas through subject and object perspectives in different dimensions, sizes and time.

Stage 04 – Deconstruction:
Transmitting and converting your anima. In order to reconstruct your anima, its deconstruction is necessary process. 

​Stage05 – Reconstruction:
The world of reconstruction. This is where your anima will merge with space and colour. Your anima is reset and optimised to the new world.

Data analysis

Through its latest 3D sensing technology and devices, “Anima” scans and observes users’ various data. It records the movements of each users in the room, and creates an illusion of time travelling to observe current and past experience data. 
Colours are assigned to each user, and changes depending on the number of experiences and the colour of the other users. 
User’s anima (soul) can be observed in different sizes and perspectives like the god’s eye to make him/her discover the new digital self. 
After the program, user’s experience data such as the directory where the anima is recorded is displayed, and makes him/her aware that the Anima (soul) is converted to data.

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