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Branding / Concept Film




Branding, concept movie and catalogue design for Mintsuku. 

Toppan: Mintsuku

Mintsuku is a new communication platform produced by TOPPAN, where people can express, share and support what they love. 

We wanted to create something that feels playful, as we imagined how people with diverse backgrounds collaborate with each other in a free way. As the colourful triangles overlap infinitively to create new shapes and patterns, they also echo with the futuristic polyrhythmic music,full of fun sounds. 


Direction & Animation: 3AND
Music: manabu shimada
Recording: Talk Company
Narration: Akari Maruyama

Logo design: 3AND
Brochure design: 3AND

Agent: Meridian Partners
​Client: Toppan

Bespoke & playful logo

We imagined how people all over the world can collaborate through the platform in a free way and we expressed that through the multicoloured triangles, overlapping and creating new colours and patterns infinitively. This bespoke logo is designed based on the golden ratio, and we used the triangle shapes as modules to express the playfulness. 

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