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Branding / Signage


Vermicular, Aichi Dobby


Bespoke branding for Vermicular House, which opened in December 2021 in Daikanyama, Tokyo. 

Vermicular House

Vermicular is a Japanese cast iron cookware brand, and for this project we were commissioned to do the total branding, identity design, signage and art display. 

Vermicular House is a place where locals and people from all over the world can come to enjoy the Vermicular experience through their flagship store, restaurant, deli, cooking room, cookbook library and coffee stand.


Art direction: 3AND

Graphic design: 3AND

Production: Transit general office

Architect and interior: Line-inc.

Client: Vermicular, Aichi Dobby

Bespoke Logos

We used the circular shape of the Vermicular pot lid as a motif in the branding. We added textures to the shape to convey the feeling of craftsmanship that we saw in their factory. 
The Vermicular pots are made one by one, which requires the precisions of the highly skilled craftsmen.

Packaging / Menu design / Art display

For the packaging, menu design and art display, we created series of playful imagery inspired by Vermicular product’s shapes and pattern, and the food being cooked in those pots. 

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